Latsketch Ltd

Latsketch Ltd was founded in February 2017 and gained recognition with the idea of producing innovative design, high-quality wooden floor coverings (curvilinear wood  flooring) in Latvia. The idea for the production of curvilinear wood flooring  arose in 2015 - in the study process, when it was concluded that such floor coverings are not produced in Latvia. The owners of the company, working persistently on the idea, founded Latsketch Ltd on February 23, 2017. Latsketch Ltd was the first company in Latvia to offer curvilinear  wood flooring to customers industrially, according to its own technological process.

The main goal of the company is to manufacture and offer its customers the highest quality interior and exterior finishing materials from solid wood. This goal is also included in the company name "Latsketch". Part of the name Lat describes us (Latvia), because we are local entrepreneurs who, by producing the highest quality finishing materials, carry Latvia's name in the world. The Sketch part of the title, on the other hand, describes that an idea becomes a sketch that turns into a big project.

With the development of business and demand, we have expanded the range of solid wood interior and exterior finishing materials offered and offer our customers materials with a curvilinear, classic style and design that meets the requirements of restoration

  • Curvilinear finishing materials - This group of finishing materials is the pride and recognition of  Latsketch Ltd. Initially, the company produced and offered only wooden floor coverings, but now, based on customer demand, we also offer wall finishing materials and materials for the production of furniture with a curvilinear design. The product is unique in its design, so it is of interest to professionals in various fields, such as designers and architects, who is also the main target audience of this product.
  • Interior and exterior finishing materials - although we offer finishing materials of classic design, they are made according to the specification given by the customer and most often they are not available in construction stores. The target audience for such products is private house owners and builders who build buildings and who require finishing materials of a specific size (thickness, width, length) with a certain cross-sectional profile.
  • Finishing materials are in accordance with the restoration requirements - finishing materials are made in accordance with the submitted, historical finishing material sample. The production of such finishing materials takes place in cooperation with the leading builder or architect and the production manager of Latsketch Ltd. Most often, such orders are made while renovating historic buildings, which have strictly defined parameters of finishing materials by binding regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers or local governments.


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