Līklīniju koka grīdas segumi

A standard module consists of 8 unique elements that can be interconnected, so they can be used in different rooms. The area covered by one module is 1,414 m2. The length of each element is 1,4 m, thickness 20 mm.

  • Narrow module (average board width 110-140 mm).
  • Wide module (board covering width on average 160-190 mm).

The two standard modules can be combined with each other, taking into account the row widths. The main advantages of choosing modular systems:

  • Can be used in any type of room.
  • There is no need to make an accurate measurement of the room (just determine the required number of modules).
  • There is no unnecessary cost for designing, because the modules are the same.
  • Assembly is also possible without an assembly scheme.
  • All waste generated during elongation can be used very optimally.
  • Assembly is convenient and well-thought-out, as only the position of the boards in the module needs to be observed.
  • Unique floor design that emphasizes the natural looks of the materials used.

We also offer geometrically shaped modules. This module, like the standard module, consists of 8 different boards and has the properties listed above. It should be noted that the standard module cannot be connected to geometrically shaped modules. 

Only real solid wood is used in production, which is not glued. This type of floor is practically eternal - the floor can be restored countless times. There are no artificial compounds that can spread in the air - only natural wood, so such floors are recommended in children's rooms or for people looking for natural materials.

Curvilinear wood floorings  are CE certified. At the customer's request, we give a declaration of conformity (CE) together with the order.

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    Līklīniju koka grīdas segumi

    Līklīniju koka grīdas segumi

    Līklīniju koka grīdas segumi

    Līklīniju koka grīdas segumi

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